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Transmit the tone to the world ~First exhibition at "Milan Design Week"~


 Our company is participating for the first time to “Milan Design Week 2019” which will be held in Milan Italy from 9th to 14th of April 2019.

​ At Koizumi Seisakusho, we have developed a new brand called Koizumiya in 2012 targeting people who are sensitive to artistic design and sound. Our product development is based on the concept of “KAION” which means “pleasant sound”.

During Milano Design Week, there will be many events running all over the city of Milan. We will have a booth in “SUPERDESIGN SHOW 2019” which is under “SUPER STUDIO” in Tortona. This section is one of the most spotlighted area next to the main exhibition site in Fiera.

Hoping that many people can enjoy by having a feeling of relaxation by bringing in a soothing metallic sound in their daily life. Which might sometime make you forget about small troubles.

Wishing to send this message out to the whole world is the reason we have decided to exhibit to this show.

Please see our new product which makes a soothing sound called “Kanpai Bell” and enjoy the booth which becomes like a single music instrument when booth visitors make sounds with our glasses designed by Mr. Hideki Yoshimoto.





【Participating Creators】

April 9 – 14, 2019


Via Tortona 27, Milano

Installation:Hideki Yoshimoto(Tangent)

Communication Design:Aya Codama(BULLET)

Product Design:Yuichiro Oka(TUG  DESIGN)

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